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Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018

Breaking News - WORLD
Militants drag corpses in Somali streets
Death toll hits 70 in Pakistan clashes
U.S. destroys bomb factory in Iraq
Iran warns it may ignore nuclear rules
Gore testifies before House panels
House panel OKs Rove, Miers subpoenas
EU to celebrate its 50th birthday in grand style at Berlin
Minorities in Pakistan are not safe: report
Howard says Iraq withdrawal would crush US standing
Seven killed in heavy fighting in Somalia
Saddam Hussein's former deputy is hanged
Bush affirms support for Gonzales
Stocks mixed ahead of Fed meeting
U.S. eases boycott of Palestinian govt
Russia reportedly exits Iran nuke site
Watchdog calls FBI abuses inexcusable
Thousands of Israeli police, soldiers in force for major Israeli
Fire breaks out on Dubai skyscrapers
Toll in Russian coal mine blast rises to 81
US approves visa for Ahmadinejad to address UNSC meet
63 killed in fire at home for elderly in Russia
Hamas militants wound Israeli civilian
Iraqis want to hang Saddam aide at dawn
Gonzales' hold on job grows uncertain
Kidnapped reporter saw decapitation
Mastermind of USS Cole attack confesses
Bomb hits U.S. Embassy convoy in Kabul
Officials: 17 die in Russia mine blast
NYPD officers surrender in groom death
Poll: Fear, anger, stress grip Iraqis
1 dies in attack on U.S. convoy in Kabul
Bush to ask for patience in Iraq war
Nepal parties fail to reach agreement on interim Govt
Second Pak. judge resigns in protest
Commandos kill 4 LTTE men in Lanka's volatile east
Pak. insurgents disrupt train services, gas supply
8 dead in collision between two ships in China Sea
Teacher gets 10 years for sex with pupil
White House veto threats proliferate
Envoys discuss N. Korea nuke dismantling
Olmert pans Palestinian peace talks
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United States has issued visas to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to enable him to address the United Nations Security Council
Media Release
It is not yet clear when the Council will meet to adopt the resolution drafted by five permanent members of the Council-- the United States, Britain, Russia, France and China and Germany...

Second Pakistani trial court judge resigned on Monday to protest
Media Release
second Pakistani trial court judge resigned on Monday to protest President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's controversial removal of the country's chief justice of the Supreme Court.

Total insult to human rights Pakistani police stormed the Lahore High Court premises, firing teargas shells and baton charging hundreds of protesting lawyers – can this happen in America and India?
Media Release
The norm of all civilized societies were violated when the Pakistani heavily armed security forces started killing and torturing judges and attorneys in Lahore.

Pakistani people may not accept Musharraf’s little regard for freedom of press and judicial system, human rights violation
Sudhir Chadda
It is time for Pakistan to come clean from terrorism and shadow ISI. It is time for Pakistan to have full freedom of press and Justice system. It is time for Pakistan to recognize human rights in and outside Pakistan. It is time for a new Pakistan.

Iraq war shattered America's image: French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin
Media Release
Villepin, in a speech Friday at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government, said the situation in Iraq would grow `even more dangerous'.

US for 'restraint' in Pakistani showdown over the dismissal of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court
Media Release
What we would urge in this case is that both sides exercise the utmost degree of restraint in seeking to reduce the opportunity for any violent clashes between protesters and police :State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack

Pak snuffs out protests, US puts Mush under watch
Media Release
The US has expressed "deep concern" over the incidents relating to the suspension and has said that investigations into the matter should be conducted in a fair and transparent manner in accordance with the laws of the land.


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