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Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2018

Breaking News
DaimlerChrysler shares hit seven-year high
Gold futures dull as traders await Fed decision
U.S. stocks mixed ahead of Fed decision
FedEx 3Q earns slip 2 percent
Oil prices hover near $60 a barrel
Morgan Stanley 1Q profit up 69 percent
Stocks fluctuate ahead of Fed decision
Gold futures top $660 to trade near a 3-week high
Michael Dell lobbies India to cut PC tax
Oil stocks hold ground; Natural-gas stocks gain on upgrades
ACS founder bids to take company private
Oil prices rise in light trading
JetBlue names Alex Battaglia VP of JFK operations
Housing starts bounce back in February
Probe of fatal blast at BP PLC's Texas City refinery cites lax oversight
ABN Amro, Barclays confirm deal talks
N.J. couple claims half $390M lottery
Homeowners drop insurance after Katrina
Stocks spike on news of merger deals
Dow, Nasdaq advance in early trading
Fitch upgrades ratings on U.S. Airways' $1.9 bln in debt
Gold rises, boosted by weakness in the dollar
Crude futures edge up, but hold below $58 a barrel
Energy stocks narrowly mixed at open
Airlines stocks lower to start trade
CPI rises 0.4% as food, energy prices climb
Consumer Price Index up 0.4 pct. in Feb.
JetBlue cancels 215 flights due to storm
Boeing expects Italy will buy 16-20 new Chinook helicopters
CME CEO's compensation $4.7 million in 2006
Delphi, investors still seeking deal with unions, GM
U.S. stocks close up as rebound continues
Financials rise and CBOT rallies on surprise ICE bid
Cadbury Schweppes to split up soda, chocolate-making arms
Dow Chemical rallies 6.1%; said close to deal with Reliance
Newspaper ad spending off 2.2% in fourth quarter, data show
OPEC ministers agree to steady output
Wholesale prices up 1.3 percent in Feb.
Stocks rise despite inflation report
ICE makes unsolicited bid for CBOT
Cisco to pay $3.2B for WebEx
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Smart money moving out of stock market into Gold bullion
Marla Guthrie
Gold bullions are in demand. The smart money is moving into gold from the stock market, The distribution in the stock market is very well orchestrated.

The long-term inversion of the yield curve manifests deflation and severe weakness in the economy and possibility of stock market crash in April
Peter Oberois
Most likely it is complacency as manifested in the volatility indicator VIX indicator in the last one year time frame. If that is the case, the stock markets all over the world can collapse in a crash in April.

Dollar ready to test the low before moving sharply higher later this year
Joe Weinman
The economic fall out from manufacturing slow down, mortgage defaults, foreclosures and real estate bubble bursts have started affecting the currency market...

Mortgage defaults increase while real estate investors try to buy more bargains to flip for profits – catastrophe waits the entire sector in the long run
Karen Zuba
The biggest problem is no the subprime market but the fact that people took enormous equity out from their existing home and now home prices are falling.

The fall in leading indicator points to deflation driven recession in mega scale – stock can collapse and unemployment rise very sharply
Sam Adelton
The leading economic indicators are poised for a sharp drop – as sharp as –0.6% compared to a rise of 0.1% in the previous month.

Fed statement on Wednesday will end the rallies in equities with a nasty reversal – focus is still on inflation
Peter Oberois
The fed focus is still on inflation while the market has assumed that fed will focus on weakening economy, and so on. The biggest disconnect between Fed and the market is the perception–which is most important–avoiding the recession or inflation.

Long-term complacency in the stock market highest ever since 1929 – a catastrophic collapse waits
Sam Adelton
In that scenario, the Dow can gap open and fall limit down 500 points for two consecutive weeks ending at 6,000. It will be devastating for any investor that does not own some sort of index put option in that scenario.

Lumber price analytics and builder confidence point to a bottom in real estate price
Peter Oberois
In the last thirty years two things have correctly predicted the future real estate prices. The first is the lumber price and the second is the homebuilder confidence. When these two reaches extreme pessimism, the real estate market bottom.

Where will the real estate go from here?
Joe Weinman
The housing demand is rising. More homes are needed in the long run. The bearish factor is that the housing bubble that did burst last year needs time to get settled.

A sharp rise in stock markets worldwide confirms the April 2007 stock market crash theory
Karen Zuba
The market is correcting from a very oversold situation. The sharper the corrective rally, the nastier is the actual bear market in the long run.

A stealth bullish signal for gold
Peter Oberois
The mega merger bubbles, lower interest rates, the higher inflation in Asian economies and increasing US budget deficit – all are helping the higher gold price.

Homebuilders leading the deflation driven depression as merger and acquisition mania creates another mega-bubble
Sam Adelton
Homebuilders leading the deflation driven depression. Tightening of the borrowing standard has made these builders layoff thousands. The loss of jobs is very high.


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