Al-Queda shifting its head quarters to Kolkata with protection from Communists of India?
Sunil Jetley
Aug. 14, 2005

Something is happening in Park Circus and Metiaburiz of Kolkata, the major city of India in the eastern West Bengal. Al-Queda has expanded heavily and is moving into the city. Kolkata can be a heaven for Al-Queda operatives. Certain areas of Kolkata are 95% Islamic population. The Marxist local Government supports Muslims to get their votes. Bangladesh is next door and all supplies can be obtained from there.

According to media reports, the world famous terrorist organization Al-Qaeda has finally arrived in the city. Members of the dreaded organization are collecting funds through a specially printed coupon and distributing leaflets against the Indian government.

The sudden spurt of activity by the organization has taken the police department completely by surprise. Even the state administration is worried that with Independence Day just round the corner the militant organization may carry out bombings and attacks.

A source in the detective department stated on Saturday that the movement of the terrorist organization had taken them completely by surprise. "We were aware that they were trying to enter the state through the Bangladesh border. But we were unaware of the fact that they already established base here."

Police Commissioner Prasun Mukherjee informed that he was aware of the developments. "At this moment, however, I would not like to comment as investigations are on," he added.

The coupon through which Al-Qaeda members are collecting funds is in Urdu. Roughly translated it means, "When a seed is sown it develops into a tree. From the tree come fruits, which again provides thousands of seeds, which later develop into thousands of tree and fruits.

Similarly small donations and contributions given in the name of Allah can provide for thousands of Muslims all over the world." The coupon is marked with a `Khalifa'' stamp along with an address in Dhaka. Sources in the police department confirmed that the coupons and leaflets are being distributed by an organization called the Mujahideen Al-Qaeda Pacific International.

The leaflets are on behalf of Harkat ul Jehad Islami and Al Jehad Islami Oha Al-Qaeda Mujaihedeen. They state that the time has come to pay back the Indian government for their atrocities on the Muslims. It also asks the young Muslims in the city to fight for the religion and become martyrs.

These coupons and leaflets are being distributed in only those areas, which have a predominantly Muslim population. Those who are not ready to contribute to the cause are being asked to at least read the two leaflets.

Sources informed that the main aim however, of the organization is to develop a base in Kolkata. "The intention is to create a safe passage for the members of the organization in Bangladesh. As West Bengal and Bangladesh have a very porous border it will be easier for the criminals to escape and take refuge in the neighbouring country. It is a well known that quite a few ISI supported organizations have a strong base in Bangladesh," stated a very senior police officer investigating the case.

He also added that the group will help in transporting arms and explosives from Bangladesh into various parts of India though Kolkata. "More than anything else that is the main reason why they are planning to set up shop in the city," he concluded.

Whatever the plans may be of the Al-Qaeda, Kolkata may soon be transformed into a bloody battlefield.




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