Flight patterns of comets and asteroids suggest extraterrestrial UFO bases in them
India Daily technology Team
Jun. 30, 2005

A recent study have concluded that UFO sighting increase dramatically when an asteroid or comet comes near the earth. Another matter that is surprising the engineers and astrophysicists is the fact that so many unknown comets and asteroids are being discovered in recent days. There are also theories that asteroids or comets are sent to collide on the earth or any other planet to distribute the basic ingredients of “life” to earth or that planet.

According to asteroids flight patterns modeled with the help of wind tunnel and other computer aided mechanisms, aerospace engineers are perplexed at how these asteroids are attaining six degrees of freedom with complete controlled constraints. That is the “ideal” flight patterns. It seems like someone is providing these asteroids “perfect” flight patters.

NASA, ISRO, ESA, CNSA and other space agencies are preparing theoretical models of deflecting an asteroid from its collision path towards earth. But they just cannot find any that will come near the earth though based on statistical measures some were supposed to be on our way. It is possible that they are never destined to come and disrupt a flourishing civilization because they are very well controlled by the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.

According to many the asteroids and comets can form extraterrestrial UFO bases if needed. Deep inside the asteroids landing and take off mechanisms can be stored. According to some in many space agencies, asteroids can one day form landing bases for space exploration modules from the earth. In that case we need to control the flight patterns of the asteroids completely. It is also possible one day to bring an asteroid close to the earth, load it with whatever we want and then move the same another part of the solar system to provide goods and services for another colony in a distant part of the solar system or the Universe.

An obvious question may arise – if the asteroids are UFO bases, why we cannot see the UFOs in and around these asteroids? The answer lies in the fact that these UFOs can be totally invisible to our eyes and vision systems. The UFOs really exist in parallel universes and they need a base to transform their existence into our physical universe. For the same reason they use undersea and under the earth’s crust landing bases.

Research shows the biggest point of vulnerability for the UFOs is the point of transformation from parallel universe to the physical universe. And they want a safe and secured landing base. Asteroids are out of reach of our space agencies and that provides them the best landing base as well as bodies that can be guided towards a certain part of the universe.

With space agencies closely watching the asteroids and comets that may change soon. It will interesting to see how the extraterrestrials cope up with the new environment when our civilization also tend to use these heavenly bodies as landing bases and huge space ships for transport of people and goods.

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Flight patterns of comets and asteroids suggest extraterrestrial UFO bases in them
India Daily technology Team
A recent study have concluded that UFO sighting increase...



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