Is Meera shy now to kiss again?
Pam Bhandari
Jun. 9, 2005

Meera now says there was no kiss in Nazar! After the entire hoopla the million-dollar kiss was cut and now the giver of the kiss says there was no kiss!

It is probably a diplomatic compromise. But Meera loves kissing and soon she will have real kisses flying in Bollywood.

According to media sources, Meera, who was in the eye of a storm for allegedly kissing her co-star in Nazar, says the film had no such scene in the first place and people made much ado about nothing. Nazar, your first film in India, hasnít done well at the box office.

What do you think went wrong? I really donít know why the film didnít do well but it has turned out to be a very positive and fruitful step for my career in Bollywood. I have received dozens of offers and am in a better bargaining position now. I am more popular than I ever was and the money I get as an actor has also gone up. The Indian audience may not have liked Nazar, but they have certainly liked and accepted me as an actress. I think that's a great achievement for me.

You said in an earlier interview that you would be disappointed if the kissing scene was dropped from Nazar under pressure from fundamentalists in Pakistan. However the film didnít have any kissing scene at all.

Was it cut on the editing table? There's no cut. In fact there was no such kissing scene and people raised a lot of hue and cry without knowing the true facts. All I had said at the time was that whatever was shot, was not vulgar at all.

Will Nazar be released in Pakistan after all the negative publicity it has had? I am still trying to get the film released in my country. I think it can be released without any cuts or deleting any shots. I am not facing any resistance in Pakistan now and whatever threats I had received are now a thing of the past. Everyone is very happy with me and people meet me without any ill will. I want Nazar to release in Pakistan and I will make every possible effort to make it happen.

So are you planning to do more work in India or will you stick to Lollywood from here on? I have lot of offers from Bollywood. I am doing Mahesh Bhatt's next film Gangster and one more film with Lucky Ali called Kasak. I play a glamorous wife in the film and it's nearly ready for release. I have also signed Umrao Jaan. I am looking forward to do more work in India in the future. I am sure there will be no dearth of assignments for me.


Is Meera shy now to kiss again?
Pam Bhandari
Meera now says there was no kiss in Nazar!

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