Falkland Islands can become a nuclear flashpoint in South/Central America
Sonia Chopra
May 24, 2005

While all eyes are on India-Pakistan possible nuke war, Al-Queda sponsored and operated possible nuclear terrorism; the real nuke flash point may be Falkland Islands near Argentina.

The Central And South America starting from Mexico to Argentina including Venezuela and Brazil are aspiring to become nuke powers. Argentina is showing impatience over Falkland Islands, which Britain holds.

According to some international think tank, as South and Central America does nuclear in the next ten to fifteen years, Argentina and other South American countries will try to eliminate European influence and presence in the area.

The Falkland Islands is very much alive as a flashpoint.

Britain's government is concerned that Argentina might attempt to launch a surprise invasion of the Falkland Islands, and has increased its military presence in the South Atlantic islands to 5,000 troops, the London-based Sunday Express reported May 22. The article, headlined "Falklands Invasion Alert," said Britain's Defense Ministry has become concerned about a recent rise in Argentine air force flights into a no-fly security zone around the Falklands. The British missile and torpedo frigate RN Portland, which reportedly is armed with nuclear weapons, also has been deployed to the Falkland Islands.


Falkland Islands can become a nuclear flashpoint in South/Central America
Sonia Chopra
While all eyes are on India-Pakistan possible nuke war...

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