Evidence of extreme disturbance in Earth’s core – can earth explode?
Staff Reporter
Feb. 24, 2005

Geologists in India and the rest of the world are receiving signals of a very disturbed mantel and core of the earth. According to some computer models, the outer core and the mantel is getting extremely heated. This can cause extreme tension on the earth’s crust and the tectonic plates.

The net result can be increased earthquakes and volcanoes. The reports coming from every continent says that the volcanoes, geysers and mud volcanoes all are ready to explode.

According to the scientists the mantel viscosity is going down due to increased temperature. The outer core is showing sign molecular agitation. The inner core is also showing strange signs.

According to some contemporary geosciences theories, the Earth's iron core formed with a large share of radioactive uranium, which combined with sulfur to make an ultra-dense compound. The uranium settled to the center of the core, where it eventually formed a mass big enough to sustain a supercritical nuclear reactor. Not just that, but it functions as a breeder reactor, creating more nuclear fuel than it burns. This provides the energy needed to generate the geomagnetic field. That is in essence is the theory geomagnetism and gravity.

If that reactor for some reason is disturbed, it can cause major problems and eventually explode.

But scientists believe the chances of that are very remote though not impossible. There are evidences in our solar system that an extra planet did explode and caused major problems for the Earth and Mars millions of years back.

We can get very little clue on what is happening in the inner core. The mantel is what we can get a feel for. And nothing is possible to investigate without proper data.

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